Sustainability and CSR

Sustainability is a very broad term. For most, it is probably a term that encompasses the environment that surrounds us, our planet, nature… and all those resources available to living beings.

For us, caring for our planet is one of the central points in our activity, which is why we work to make our business an increasingly sustainable model.

We have developed our ERS program (Ecological, Responsible and Sustainable program) as a guide for our activity.

ERS Program

Working for the Earth we need

Your Real CSR

CSR certified

Vanguard Legislation

Fully data and 4.0 industry

Sustainable Raw Materials


  • Recycled PET fibers
  • R&D with our partners (Suppliers & Customers)

Fibers from OceanS

  • R&D phase: From Oceans to our Nonwovens

Zero Carbon Target

Green Electricity


  • High-Efficiency Use

Zero-KM Suppliers

  • When available

Low Carbon Developments

  • Weight reduction
  • New Raw Materials
  • High-efficiency industrial process

Zero Waste Target

From our waste to our Products.
4.0 control systems

Alliances for using our waste.
Artificial Vision

  • To reduce the 2on Quality
  • High efficiency

Waste management

  • Packaging recovery
  • EU standards

Circular Economy

Raw Materials

  • PFC’s free (R&D)

Re-use our waste

  • From Scrap to Market

Efficient water use

  • Constant improving

Your Circular Economy Partner

  • Low Carbon Products
  • Best Sustainable Raw Materials
  • R&D in Processes & Products

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