Texfel ® Form

With Texfel® FORM we give you the possibility of having a flat PET felt that becomes a 3-dimensional PET felt element with an exceptional acoustic absorption capacity.

In industrial thermoforming process projects, PET felt is a very versatile and attractive material that will allow you to design different decorative and acoustic elements: light fixtures, partitions… as well as any other element you want and can design with PET felt.

It has an excellent level of deformation as well as perfect dimensional stability with high impact resistance. This is achieved through a process of heating and pressure before cutting the finished product.

It is an extremely versatile material with which you can give free rein to your creativity. In addition, working with these felts will be very easy and comfortable.

You have available a wide range of colours in our catalogue and the possibility of ordering 100×100 custom colours.


  • BO-00
  • NO-00
  • GM-08
  • GM-92
  • GS-96
  • BE-02
  • BE-032
  • AZ-05
  • AZ-25
  • AM-90
  • VR-11
  • VR-25
  • VR-07
  • RS-31
  • RS-67
  • IL-18
  • NR-09
  • RO-60


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